Update 2: Pathway for Care response to Covid-19 (Corona virus) and recent Government announcements (June 3, 2020)

Firstly, we hope that this message finds you all well. We would also like to say thank you for all your patience and support during these unprecedented times.

With this continued support and the hard work of our staff teams and those we support, we are relieved to say that we have not had any confirmed cases of Covid-19 in any of our services.

However, this does not mean this is the time to relax. Those we support and our staff team continue to remain vigilant to the threat the virus poses.

Our contingency plans remain in place and continue to be assessed, should we need them.

Below is a summary which we hope you will find helpful. Any queries, please call the Complex Manager or the main number below. We will also be posting this and future information on our website

Infection prevention/control

Staff and the people we support continue to ensure that a good hygiene model is being followed. This has almost become second nature now. All of the people we support remain committed in adhering to the recommended guidance around hygiene protocols. All of the services are being cleaned on a regular basis, with concentration still being applied in the higher footfall areas.

Visits to our Complexes

With the ever developing guidance being released by the government, we are continually assessing how our services can be accessed. We are aware of the government’s guidance around groups of 6 now being able to meet, including within private gardens. However, as a Senior Management Team, we have decided that this is a risk we are unable to safely manage in any of our services. As such, our ban on visiting services will need to remain in place, until such time as new guidance is released, or we are able to safely manage the risk posed.

However, we would welcome relatives arranging times to come and see their loved ones in any of the open areas we have local to our services. Local management teams and staff will endeavour to facilitate these meetings.


Our staffing team have shown a huge amount of resilience during this testing time. As such, all of our services have remained at a safe staffing level throughout the lockdown period. We are aware that this could still change at any given moment, but we are confident in the contingency plans which are in place for such an occurrence. We continue to scrutinise the staffing levels, but this still needs to be a fluid process.

Non-essential Social Interaction

Our teams continue to work closely with those we support to provide them with activities to take part in, within the services. Community access for exercise continues to be a priority and this is encouraged as much as possible.

Activities within the community will continue to be limited all the while the social distancing rule is in place. As and when easing of these restrictions are announced, we will assess any risk we can foresee and make decisions based on the information available to us. We will of course, continue to keep you updated.

Our Commitment

The situation is dynamic, reflected in the Government’s commitment to daily briefings.

We remain committed to providing a high quality service and a safe level of support to all of the people we support. We appreciate that it is a difficult time for you also so please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

We will issue further communications if/as the situation changes

Your support in this uncertain time is both needed and very much appreciated.

We have set up a dedicated e-mail address should you have any further questions in relation to this on-going situation. Please send any queries to

This will be monitored on a daily basis and questions answered where we are able to provide them.


The Pathway for Care Team